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Angry Bikes
Here you have your mega motorcycle. So, it means that you are fast motorcycle driver and what you should do, it’s to show xtreme driving! It’s not just a racing game, it’s like in real live. Somebody wins, somebody loses. Climb, Fly on your superb BMX with angry granny drivers so as to win on the dirt tracking!

Become fast motorcycle driver and practice real xtreme here. Two wheels , it is almost everything that you need to climb all hills on your way. Our new racers are not afraid to die, furthermore, they will earn respect of their rivals. Race among the hills, overcome the obstacles, climb the hill and do the tricks in the air. Need for extreme? You have come to the right place. Our drivers are mad, have turbo drift skills and ready to show real speed!

Not jumping or talking, but racing and drifting grannies will share with you this adventure!

Angry Bikes features:
- Xtreme road;
- Motor sport with cute characters, really cute;
- Real BMX extreme;
- The possibility to become real highway driver;
- Dirt tracking full of hills to the tricks in the air.

Angry Bikes - Would you like to practice xtreme with granny?