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Animal Hotel – My Lovely Pets
Build your own Tower and fill it with cute animals’ babies in a brand-new Animal Hotel – My Lovely Pets game. Raise your little pets and see how the tower grows with them! Our Animal Hotel – My Lovely Pets – this is the cutest game for all children and adults, there you can show your pets care skills and build a great Animal Hotel from your dreams.

Have you ever dreamed in your childhood of your own private animals hotel - the hotel, where you can take care of different rare animals and play with them, or pye-dogs and alley cats to save them from cold and unfriendly street life. So, now you can realize it with our Animal Hotel – My Lovely Pets game!

HOW TO PLAY: You have a tower, which consists of blocks. In every block you can put one animal and grow it up. Small animals like cats or chickens are growing quite fast, but a growing process of big or rare animals like giraffe or penguin may take longer. At first you can put in your tower only ordinary animals, and then you successfully grow it up, by degrees you’ll get the opportunity to choose some rare species.

In your tower apart from regular blocks you have a restaurant and a medicine room. Use it to take care of your baby pets. Spend game’s coins and earn it for successful growing. Good luck!

Animal Hotel – My Lovely Pets’ features:
- Adorable images of animals drawn by our designers;
- A lot of ordinary and rare animals’ species;
- A great collaboration of farm games, pets care games and house building games;
- The ability to share your animals with friends;
- The cutest game for you and your children!

Download Animal Hotel – My Lovely Pets game right now and enjoy the cutest animals’ care game ever!