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Anime Monsters Hidden Objects
It’s so much fun to play with lovely characters from your favourite anime manga. Here you will plunge yourself into the perfect world. Among the lovely characters there are so many hidden objects. You have the set of different objects, try to figure out where are they!

Anime Monsters Hidden Objects - is a seek and find puzzle adventure game that takes place in a wood among the creatures that you would like to have as a pet! First you thought that they are despicable creatures, so they closed you in cabine in the middle of the wood. Now these little creatures want…to make you build a boat? to cross the most dangerous road? to pass five nights at cemetery? NO! They want you to play with you, that you find all objects they hid in the forest. Treehouse, wolf, cartoon stars among mystery ruins. Fall out from the reality play this magic fever game for all ages!

Anime Monsters Hidden Objects features:
- Lovely wood characters from Japanese saga;
- Simple control: point your finger on the screen and search for objects;
- For Friends and Family Fun;
- Nice educational game for children;
- Children will love it.

Anime Monsters Hidden Objects – enjoy hunting for hidden items! Go inside out of all locations!