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Christmas Dressing Room
The Christmas is coming! And it means that it’s time to choose a festive attire! And for each girl it turns into a huge problem! Ella wants to look great for the upcoming holidays therefore she looks through all her clothes. Help her to choose the most attractive image!

All her clothes are presented in Christmas Dressing Room: dresses, skirts, trousers, uncountable jackets and blouses, footwear, headdresses and accessories! Experiment and create wonderful and festive attires for young Ella! And maybe you there will find an idea for your own New Year's image!

You can select each element of clothes separately or combine everything in a unique image. Just choose a clothes element, and look if it fit to Ella or not. And you can finish an image having chosen color of eyes and a hair color of Ella. 

Christmas Dressing Room features:
- A large number of beautiful outfits and accessories;
- Freedom for your imagination - choose from a great amount of clothes;
- Christmas theme - lots of costumes are styled as carnival.

Download Christmas Dressing Room and turn little girl into a princess!