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Coins Surfers
Jump and fly your way through subway corridors, maze, temple's roofs in this running game full of psychedelic effects and mushrooms mix in 3D. Prepare for near impossible challenge in the world of Coins Surfers.

Coins Surfers — show how fast you can run and get all gold coins on your way. But be careful, this party will take a place in the subway, on real railroad tracks. So, do not crash into turbo trains and don't let them crush you to death dismount.

So, dodge the oncoming trains! Jump and turn in mid – air, surf down the railroad at top speed while collecting gold coins and breaking all laws. And maybe that's why you will have somebody following you. Somebody from police - inspectors or maybe even Sherlock himself. People usually don't like when somebody dares to break the rules.

Coins Surfers - join this running party with the most daring chase and collect all coins!