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Cross The River - Mrs. Ducky Worries 3D
Cross The River - Mrs. Ducky Worries 3D is a really cute and funny arcade for kids and adults! You need to help a little duck who lives in the river.
Mrs. Ducky has a hard time. Her friend Mrs. Goose asked her to look after her eggs while she is away. The problem is - Mrs. Goose’s nest is quite far from Mrs. Ducky’s. Poor Mrs. Ducky needs to constantly swim from one nest to another to make sure everything is fine!
The river is a dangerous place. There are many predators: cunning crocodiles, huge snakes and so on. Avoid them not to be eaten! You can fly over the predators or just wait till they are far from you to move to another nest.
Cross The River - Mrs. Ducky Worries 3D Features:
- An adventurous river arcade;
- Help the pretty duck to save the eggs;
- Swim from one nest to another;
- Avoid predators: crocodiles and snakes.