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Cute Fairy Baby Birth
Childbirth is a joyful and exciting time in the life of every mother. During this period, the mother needs comfort, care and healthy food. It does not matter, is she a human or a fairy. Your task is to help the expectant mother, a beautiful winged fairy. You need to pack stuff that she will need in a hospital, call 911 and ensure the birth without problems. But it is not the end! You have to cut the umbilical cord, feed the baby and put on a diaper. To complete these actions, tap the arrow, it will help you. Look, it's very simple!

Cute Fairy Baby Birth features:
- With the help of this game you can simply and entertaining explain the process of childbirth to your child; 
- Anthropomorphic characters facilitate the perception of information for the kid; 
- There is everything you need during childbirth, as in real life. 

Take care of the fairy and her lovely baby, feel like a real fairy obstetrician.