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Diary For Girl - Keep Your Secrets
Diary For Girl is a personal diary that allows you to organize your daily life. You also can use it like a private diary! Had an idea or some story? Can't tell anyone? Just write it down! Share with the most intimate feelings. All your secrets, feelings, thoughts, experience, and memories can be organized and managed in this single app. Use texts, pictures, notes, and stickers to record the moments of your private life! 

Diary For Girl is the best application for girls who can't live without writings. Happy day, sad day, something interesting, or something not? It's only your choice what to write! 

How To Use: Open the calendar and choose the date. Write and add pictures, choose your mood and see funny emoji! This diary is your own kingdom! You can do everything!

Diary For Girl features:
- Perfect application for girls who always write something in diaries
- Bright design and convenient interface: just write your thoughts 
- Excellent replacement for your old paper diary

Diary For Girl is an application for girls who can't live without the personal diary!