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Diary For Girl - Pony Edition
It is a wonderful tool that let you share important events as well as keep track of all your memories and experiences. Easy to use, you'll like it a lot! You can easily record your day and feelings and will for sure enjoy adding your own pictures. 
Aside from the great interface, Diary For Girl supports emoticons, markdown and more. In the Calendar view, you can then go back and add thoughts and descriptions to photos and memories.
Easy-writing style
• With just 1 tap, you can create and personalize your note. 
Look back at your memories
• Beautifully organized memories are listed by date. On detail, you can leave messages and add feelings about the moment at the moment! 
Watch through calendars
• You can enjoy an incredible view of your memories by looking back your memories organized on calendars. Your records are beautifully shown on the calendar using emoticons to your status messages. Just look through calendar to see what you did on that specific day!
Cute themes perfectly made for you
• All the themes are made by combination of colors, textures, styles and emoticons. You can look through them easily and choose your favorite one! 
Password protection
• Notes are password-protected, and you can lock your app with a PIN!