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Fairy Land Dueling
The Fairy Land is the place where kind fairies and wicked witches live together. This is the land where the sorcery is a commonplace. Here magic duels take place every day and all wizards compete with one another for the supremacy. Good and Evil will face each other again and the only person who can influence the result is YOU.

Welcome to the fantasy world where your attention, accuracy and quickness will definitely help you to become the most powerful magician of the Fairy Land! Welcome to the Fairy Land Dueling game!

- Choose whom you are ranged with!
- Play various mini games, use all your forces to overcome a rival!
- Play for both sides simultaneously and see who's more powerful!
- Develop your attention and accuracy skills with pleasure!

How to Play:
This game will offer you 3 games in one:
1. SPELL/UNSPELL: turn animals into stones or keep them alive! What will you choose?
2. DANGEROUS TOWER: move the platform and try to drop the stone on your rival's head! Mind your own head!
3. UNPREDICTABLE SKIP ROPE: hop over the skipping rope which gradually speeds up!
4. Control the process only by tapping!

Fairy Land Dueling features:
- Magic is everywhere! Use all your forces;
- 3 in 1 game;
- Play alone or with your friends! Set your records and become the most powerful wizard;
- Incredible clash of Good and Evil!