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Farm Pet Salon - Spa For Animals
Animals also need beauty treatments and high-level care. Make a gift for your precious pets and bring them to spa for animals in Farm Pet Salon - Spa For Animals! Cute chicken, lamb and piggy have been playing together in a yard and now they are very dirty. 
Farm Pet Salon is a beauty salon of full value. First goes SPA part:
- you have to bath them in pelvis carefully using sponge 
- then use hairdryer and comb to prepare them for going out
You also have to dress them up! For that purpose you have: 
- plenty of clothes (dresses, t-shirts, skirts and etc.)
- accessories (glasses of different shapes, bracelets and chains)
- hats and headbands! 
Complete the outfits and go out with your fondling! Farm Pet Salon - Spa For Animals is a good opportunity for you to learn how to take care of your pets!
Farm Pet Salon - Spa For Animals features:
Real SPA salon simulator;
3 pets to choose from: piggy, lamb and chicken;
Plenty of different clothes and accessories;
Take care of virtual pet - then have real one!