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Fashion Design - Halloween Edition
HALLOWEEN! Time to SEW a festive ATTIRE. Fashion Design - Halloween Edition app gives you a chance to feel like a PROFESSIONAL TAILOR. What a great deal of DISPOSITION awaits for you. So, take needle and thread and begin to CREATE.

In fact, the process of SEWING is rather simple:

1) choose wishful TEXTILE
2) IRON it, to get rid of gathers;
3) paint OUTLINE of your dress with chalk;
4) use SCISSORS to cut it the dress out;
5) select colorful THREAD and sew the dress;
6) complete your dress with various DECKINGS:
- beads
- bows
- jewellery
- fillets
- hats
7) ADMIRE your attire and show it to the others!

Dress a TOPMODEL the CHARMING attire and steal the show!

Fashion Design - Halloween Edition is not a simple dressing app, here you can:

- choose various cloth for a dress;
- paint design of the dress by yourself;
- select stylish accessories;
- complete the attire with footwear.

Create many various ATTIRES and make a SPLENDID FASHION SHOW!