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Feed The Animal
Everybody loves animals and animals (like people) love eating! One of the ways to express your love to animals is to feed them! Let us show you the most “thoughtful” game about animals! Feed The Animal is the game where you are to give different food to predators and herbivores! But remember: tigers do not eat grass and giraffes do not eat meat!
Feed The Animal features:
- Many funny animals to feed: tigers, lions, giraffes, foxes, buffalos;
- Different kinds of food + Bonuses;
- Pleasant interface with bright colors – your child will be happy;
- Set your own records!
HOW TO PLAY: You have three different animals that are very hungry! Tasty food will fall on them like in Tetris game and your goal is to see about the right choice for predators and herbivores! Be careful and make the right choice!
Play Feed The Animals with your friends and see who can feed more predators and herbivores!