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Florist Shop Story
Are you fond of hand-made and decoration activities? Create a magical flowers composition, implement client's offers faultlessly with a creative nice app Florist Shop Story! Here you can really develop your decoration skills!

HOW TO PLAY: The game is accompanied by a textual tutorial. You're working at the florist's. A client makes you an order - a wonderful flowers bouquet. Choose flowers, wrappings and ribbons from boxes and make a composition! After you've finished, click the button "Your order is ready". If you've made everything right, the client will be pleased with the flowers bouquet and you will get money highlighted at the cash desk. If you've made it wrong, you will see a displeased face of the client and 0$ at the cash desk. In the end of the game you're performed total score and the best score you've got!

Florist Shop Story features:
- Floral arrangements skills development;
- Shop assistant and clients as main characters;
- Multiple choice to compose a nice bouquet: flowers, wrappings, ribbons;
- Cool florist's entourage.

Be a perfect floral designer in Florist Shop Story!