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Friendship Forever
People say that girls’ friendship is unbreakable. It’s true until it comes to clothes! Help these young and cute girls to remain friends – make sure they don’t wear the same clothes! They both have a lot of beautiful skirts, shoes and shirts! Dress them up the way you want and you can even choose their makeup but if any part of their outfit or makeup are the same they will be upset! So do you best at giving them unique looks and save their girly friendship!

HOW TO PLAY: Choose one of two lovely girls. Then choose an outfit for her: you have a variety of different dresses, shoes and shirts to choose from. And don’t forget about makeup! Once you are done with unique look of the first girl, you should dress her friend up! But you have to remember how the first girl looks and give her friend completely different outfit or they will be upset! Check your memory!

Friendship Forever features:
- Two cute girls to dress up;
- A variety of clothes to choose from: skirts, shoes and shirts;
- Girls also need makeup - select lipstick, indian ink and eye-shadows;
- Use you creativity and dress them completely differently;
- Great memory training for young kids!

Friendship Forever - young and lovely girls desperately need you help to be unique and stylish friends!