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Glam Auto Tuning
If you think that car tuning is only for boys, you simply haven’t seen Glam Auto Tuning! Turn ordinary and simply cars into real sparkling pieces of art! Select the car you want: limousine, minicar or cabriolet, wash it and decorate it the way you want! Use rich customization tools and choose vivid sticker for your car and its wheels! You can also decorate the interior of the car with various designs for steering wheel and transmission! Don’t forget to accessorize your auto with shiny trinkets and toys! You can also take collage photos of your amazing creations!

Choose the desired car: limousine, minicar or cabriolet. First of all you’ll need to wash your car! After that you can decorate it the way you want: place different bright stickers on your car, its wheels and even inside! You can also decorate steering wheel, transmission and rear view glass! If you want to share this beauty with friends – take collage photo of your car!

Glam Auto Tuning features:
- Different cars to choose from: limousine, minicar or cabriolet!
- Wash and customize your car!
- You can decorate and place stickers on the car and even inside!
- Take beautiful pictures of your creations!

Show everyone your creativity and imagination with Glam Auto Tuning – turn cars into amazing pieces of art!