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Ice Cream Shop
It's so hot outside and what can be better that tasty chilling ice cream? Probably nothing! But wait! It's you who is going to sell it to your customers! There is a whole line of them waiting their turn so be quick! Every one of them will want one or even two different types of ice cream - make sure you serve them the correct one or they'll be angry. To make ice cream you will have to choose the right cone, ice cream and toping and the levels progress your tasks will be more and more harder! Good luck!
HOW TO PLAY: Serve every customer with the ice cream that he desires! Choose the right cone, ice cream and toping and delight them all! Earn the highest score!
Ice Cream Shop features:
- Levels which difficulty increases;
- Different types of cones, ice cream and toping;
- Score points to earn.
Don't let your customers suffer from burning sun too much - delight them with delicious ice cream!