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Kids Sport Doctor
OMG! Tom and Emily – were playing football today, but something went wrong! Look at all the wounds and bruises! I can see some splinters too! The only hope is that the Kids Sport Doctor will cure them both, and let the friends play again! Let’s go to the sport hospital!

First of all, choose one of the characters – Tom or Emily. Then select the tools to cure your patient – tap the icons and slide to apply a medical tool. When you are done, the kid is ready to play football again! Tap the ball to score a goal! But be careful and don’t touch the bomb-balls!

Our clinic has many tools:
- Pincers to pull out the splinters;
- Wash-cloth to wipe the sweat;
- Bandage to tape up the patients;
- Plaster to cure the cuts;
- Compress for bruises;
- Coolant spray for chilling.

The reasons to play the Kids Sport Doctor 
- You can treat 2 cute characters: boy and girl!
- There are multiple instruments to use!
- After you cure the kids, you can play soccer with them!
- There are 20 levels to pass!
- It’s a wonderful story with fabulous design and sounds!

Help the two friends to get back to the game! Make sure that the Kids Sport Doctor will cure them! Then, lets play football together!

FOR PARENTS: playing hospital games not only entertains your child, but also gives an opportunity to learn more about medical treatment! 

For example, the Kids Sport Doctor shows how to deal with bruises, cuts, splinters and other routine damages. This way, a child would know, how to treat minor damages, even with no adults around!