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King of Rock and Roll Dressing Room
Vintage and Retro are in fashion again! Do you want to feel the atmosphere of the fun? Nothing is easier! Create your own theme party of 50s where rock 'n' roll was ruling!
It was an amazing period of the music of Elvis Presley, the king of the stage! Each time his costumes amazed and shocked everybody by its brightness and attractiveness. The world has never seen before so many pretentious luxury and fascinating epatage in musicians' costumes. Jackets like military uniforms but entirely embroidered with beads and sequins, snow-white bell-bottomed trousers, narrowed black pants barely covering the ankles, shining shoes...but the main thing is hairstyle: a wonderful complicated kok! That was such the image of the guru of rock'n'roll!

HOW TO PLAY: Welcome to the Rock and Roll Party! You need to choose the right outfit to have more fun at the party! Think of the style of Elvis!
Feel like a stylist and choose clothes for the party! Don't hold a flight of fancy!

King of Rock and Roll Dressing Room features:
- A large number of beautiful outfits and accessories;
- Freedom for your imagination - choose from a great amount of clothes;
- Presley's theme - lots of costumes are styled as he had.