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Little Musician School
Are you ready for an exciting journey to the colorful world of music? Jump in and enjoy wonderful landscapes with cute little animals! With Little Musician School app you will discover a lot of interesting things about music, numbers and colors along with making new friends!

Developing general skills and especially music ones is essential at early age for every child. Little Musician School is a perfect app for your kid to help him learn basics of music, colors and numbers. Use different modes for better results. Let the talent of your child flourish!

HOW TO PLAY: tap different characters to hear their note, color or number. Use a tutorial mode to let your child remember the order of items and understand the logic of it. Pass on to the challenge mode, where your kid has to put the items in the right order. Let your child practice more often for better results!

Little Musician School features:
- Colorful music world
- Plenty of cute characters
- One app for learning music, numbers and colors at the same time
- Perfect attention and hearing trainer for children
- Challenge mode to retain the progress

Explore an endless world of music, learn a lot of new fancy things and meet funny buddies with Little Musician School!