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Little Friendly Monsters
What can be cuter than little pretty creatures singing? Right, nothing! That’s why we give you Little Friendly Monsters, who not only sing, but also play different musical instruments! You can create your own band of little monsters which can play in different musical styles! Change the composition of the song by choosing different monsters and find out how it may sound! It’s a cheerful and pleasant pastime for you and your kids!

HOW TO PLAY: Select the musical style and see how the characters will change according to it. Choose one of the monsters and drag and drop it to one of the scenes in front of it. As soon as you do it the monster will start playing its part of the song. Use different combinations of monsters to change the way the song sounds.

Little Friendly Monsters features:
- Eye-pleasing visuals and graphics;
- Funny and amusing little monsters;
- Cheerful melodies for every style;
- Intuitive controls and simple interface;
- High-quality sound effects.

Little Friendly Monsters will never make you bored with their cheerful melodies and amusing look!