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Mommy Ape - Babysitter Kong
Almost all people love animals and absolutely all kids adore them. Today we are glad to introduce you the game where you will have a chance to get aqcuainted with the little cute gorilla. Give it all your love and care and it will give you its love back!
Imagine you are in charge of the little ape and many things should be done to keep the animal in a good mood. Become a careful mother and the friend for the little gorilla in our Mommy Ape - Babysitter Kong simulator!
Imagine you are looking after a baby! 
- Wash your ape with soap and wrap it in the soft towel!
- Clean its teeth!
- Groom the gorilla baby!
- Give it vitamines or mixtures if it got cold!
- Feed it with bananas and other fruit!
- Give it milk or water! Let it drink from the bottle like a baby!
- Dress it up and give various toys!
Take care of the little ape like a real mommy!
Mommy Ape - Babysitter Kong features:
- Many different procedures to do: feeding, playing, dressing up, giving pills and other things!
- Feel like a real mommy taking care of the ape baby!
- Many fruits you can give to your baby!
- Play with your ape and keep it happy!
- Share your gorilla baby with your friends!
Mommy Ape - Babysitter Kong: become careful and kind babysitter for the little cute ape!