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Mommy's Hospital
Beautiful girl needs your help! She is pregnant and requires the best care! And it’s up to you to provide her with it! Make sure she gets proper medical treatment: check her analysis, make shots and give her right vitamins. Remember that every pregnancy stage requires its own medical procedures! Don’t forget to perform ultrasonic scanning to check the baby! When she is ready to give birth help her on the way to maternity hospital and find out if it’s boy or girl!

Choose the right medicine for cute pregnant girl: make right shots, give her correct pills and check her analysis. Every time pregnancy stage changes, medical care changes as well. Make ultrasound procedures to check the baby! Be sure you do everything correctly or young girl will be upset! When the girl is ready to go to maternity hospital help her to find everything she needs. Find out whether it is a boy or a girl, dressthe young mother and her baby up festively and receive birth certificate!

Mommy’s Hospital features:
- Help young girl to get best pregnancy treatment!
- Make sure she gets right medicine on every pregnancy stage!
- She will also need your help to get everything she needs for maternity hospital!
- Find out the gender of the baby and celebrate the birth with young mother!

Mommy’s Hospital: lovely girl is going to be a mother soon – help her to have healthy and beautiful child!