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Mother And Daughter - Shopping Mall

Welcome to the MALL! Become the BEST MOM ever and pick up FABULOUS and STYLISH garments for your DAUGHTER. There are too much shops and it makes you dizzy? Don't panic, be CONSISTENT, choose the pieces of closes one by one: start with a DRESS or a COSTUME, then select SHOES and complete the look with the ACCESSORIES!

Why should I try the Mother And Daughter - Shopping Mall game?
1. Prepare for Christmas and New Year celebration - feel the astonishing atmosphere of winter holidays;
2. Prove you are a real fashionista and express yourself in the stylish look;
3. Play with your mom and strengthen your family values!

Mother And Daughter - Shopping Mall is a dress up game with unforgettable spirit of Christmas and family values.

There is nothing more exciting than preparing for Christmas holidays. Especially when your mom is so cool that she decided to take you to the mall and buy a lot of new clothes!