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Mouse Punch
This Swiss cheese slice is really big and looks really tasty, so you want to eat it as soon as possible. But suddenly there is a mouse looking out of an eye! So you decide to punish that creature. It’s your turn now: punch its little head hard because it's Mouse Punch!

HOW TO PLAY: There is a cheese slice with some number of eyes on the plate just in front of you. Inside there are mice that you need to tap when they show up to get points. There is a time at the top right of the screen that shows how much time you have to tap the next mouse before time runs out. When you punch a mouse, you get a time boost. If a combo of 2 or more mice occurs, the timer will slow down a bit.

Mouse Punch features:
- High-speed instant fun - intuitive and addictive gameplay;
- Nasty mice as your enemies - punch them all;
- Tasty cheese will be yours - get rid of those cheese-addicts;
- These mice are sly and inventive - they always look for new ways to escape.

It’s a nice little game that you and your kids will surely like. Mouse Punch is an arcade game that is all about reacting and punching. Create punch combos as you tap these mice faster! Make them fear the penalty and run away scared, then hit them again and again! Don't be afraid that it can be tricky sometimes - you've got to protect your lunch!