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Music Adventure
Get ready for an unforgettable adventure to the fairy world of beautiful sounds and music! Explore amazing places full of cute animals and different surprises! It is up to you when and where to start your exciting journey. Music adventures have never been so entertaining! Stay attentive! Sometimes you’ll need to solve mini-tasks to continue your trip!

Music Adventure Time is perfect for children under 4 years old. It inevitably widens child’s inner world and teaches him to solve simple tasks i.e. to think logically. In addition, this is a very entertaining game which will bring tons of positive emotions to your kid.

HOW TO PLAY: choose a character and location for an adventure. Explore the worlds, meet new friends and solve mini-tasks to go on! Enjoy your amazing journey and have fun!

Music Adventure Time features:
- Cute character to play with
- Fun and entertaining gameplay makes children smile and laugh
- Mini-tasks to solve during a journey
- Multiple locations

Start you exciting adventure, discover new worlds and make friends with Music Adventure Time!