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My Creative Fairy Book
Let the kids manifest their imagination and creativity with this new developmental and exciting application My Creative Fairy Book! Everyone knows that children adore fairy tales and enjoy listen to them. And imagine the opportunity to MAKE your own magical story book!

Create your own fairy tale about magic, friendship, valor and true love! Or it can be about something else! The thing is that it's YOUR story. Make a wonderful tale about the things important to you. Decide what characters will be involved and what they will be like. Will your prince be courageous and a dragon insidious? Or maybe the dragon becomes a wise advisor and the prince is always consulting with it? It's up to you to decide - the story is yours!

HOW TO PLAY: My Creative Fairy Book with this app you can create your own stories and share them with your friends and your family! Think over what your book will be about and start creating!
First, choose your scenes – you have a wonderful set of different fonts!
Then decide which characters will be involved in your tale. You can place them in the font and add comic clouds – it’s the best way to tell the tale!
When you finish your work chose and decorate the front page! And don’t forget to name your story!

My Creative Fairy Book features:
- Great entertainment for children - they can play hours;
- Various choices of wonderful creation tools - make truly especial tales;
- Easy way to test your imagination and writer skills;
- Choose your personages and make them unique;
- Absolute freedom - make the tale how you like it most!

My Creative Fairy Book – make your first steps in the writer career together! Express yourself and improve your imagination with this wonderful app. It’s time to become a real fantasist!