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My Pets Quest
Oh, we've got some trouble: your pets have run away and are hiding from you! You have to look after them, because they are so tiny and defenseless. And if you don't find them you will be punished. Mom and Dad will be home soon! 

This game is perfect for family evening or hanging out with friends. Prove your speed and attentiveness with My Pets Quest! 

HOW TO PLAY: At the beginning you can see, whom you're going to look for this time: kitten, puppy, hamster, parrot, guinea pig; These fluffs, as ill luck would have it, are hiding so well. Find them before time is up!

My Pets Quest features:
- Funny cartoon animation won't leave you indifferent;
- New exciting challenge for children and adults;
- Put your attention and speed skills to a test;
- Try to establish a new record;
- The time is limited: play and get as many points as you can.

Try to find these fluffy and cute creatutres in new astonishing game My Pets Quest!