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My Unicorn Friend 3D
When the sun goes down and stars come out, a lilac unicorn appears! When it steps on the ground flowers start to bloom and the air fills up with a wonderful fragrance... Remember that unicorns are visible only to the ones who search and trust! This cute game will make it possible to mix up your own style and look. Play with your lilac unicorn. Choose among different types of dresses and accessories. Furthermore, your new friend can play the harp that way you will never get bored!

HOW TO PLAY: You can choose the items or functions by tapping! EXPERIMENT with colors and forms, make your unicorn even more magical!

​My Unicorn Friend 3D features:
- Pink theme is filled with glitter and pure magic;
- Simple but exciting gameplay;
- Create the unique style for your unicorn;
- Enjoy this fascinating harp play;
- Play this funny dress up game with your kids, friends, and family!

My Unicorn Friend 3D will amuse you children for hours! It’s a good chance to become a real unicorn stylist! There is a great chance for kids to show pet’s care and devotion! Enjoy this pocket game and have fun!