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Perfect Date
Let us introduce a new Perfect Date game for those looking for an interactive girlfriend and all anime love story comic geeks!

Perfect Date is a simulation game with romantic elements. The goal of this game is to date, choosing from several characters, and to achieve a romantic relationship.

HOW TO PLAY: There are dialogue choices to pick up a girl. Made acquaintance, player have to choose what he says to ask the girl out. Then girl's "yes or no" answer follows. In the “no” case game is over or he could choose another girl's target. 

There are also dialogue choices on the virtual date. Player chooses a question and gets an appropriate answer. He also can be asked by his date about something. Options of answer are given in the dialogue box below. Flip through the pages of our manga using a tap. Tap to select an option.

Perfect Date features:
- Manga love story;
- Cute female characters;
- Girly music theme;
- Easy navigation - tap control.

Have fun with Perfect Date! Become a real Casanova!