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Plane Lady Dress Up
If you have ever dreamed of being a hostess or a designer - this combo app is for you! Every girl wants to be beautiful and a girl working above 30,000 feet is no exception. So many clothes and accessories are just at your hand now - get the game and start designing! Create an unforgettable image - you can choose different pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, hair, hats and scarves. Also you can make her hair any way you want. Create a unique and fresh image of hostess and have fun!

HOW TO PLAY: Just make the perfect hostess of this girl! Pick a clothes you like and choose a hairstye. Every kind of clothes has three standard colors as hostess is job with dresscode. Don't forget about it, while crating a perfect image.

Plane Lady Dress Up features:
- Perfect app for young designers;
- Plenty kinds of clothes - skirts, pants, hats e.t.c.;
- Choose a clothing of your favourite color;
- Start your hostess or stylist career with our game!