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Snow Cone Maker - Summer Delight
Are you missing summer? We are missing it too! That's why we prepare something SPECIAL!
What can be better than sweet and cold ice-cream cone in hot summer noon? Imagine you are tired after a long working day; the sun is burning and all you want is to cool down and relax. Don't worry! We have something really special exactly for you: Snow Cone Maker - the game which will be a great time-killer while you're waiting for your ice-cream in a queue. Take a crack at making your own sweet and cold cones using your imagination and sense of taste! Do you know how to create THE TESTIEST and THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ice-cream cone? 

- Select any nice cone which you will be filling with the ice-cream;
- Add some ice into it and select the form you like most of all: a bear, a snowman, a fir, a star or maybe a heart form;
- Decorate your ice-cream with different stuff: berries, fruits, syrup;
- It's time to taste your ice-cream! Take a little spoon and try your sweet masterwork!

Operate with different actions and make many different cones with various fillings and decorations! Are you ready to take this challenge?

Snow Cone Maker Features:
- Great variety of decorations: strawberries, lemons, cherries, raspberries and even waterlemons!
- Several cones you can select from - make your ice-cream unique!
- Gradual making is performed! Don't be in a hurry while creating your sweet cone! Fill it step by step.
- You have a chance to eat your ice-cream and create a new one after eating. Compete with your friends and learn who can MAKE and EAT UP more ice-creams!

Snow Cone Maker - feel like a real ice-cream vendor up your cone after making!