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Spa Salon
The girls really need to relax! They chose your Spa Salon, since it's known to be among the best! Treat the ladies well: there are lots of procedures for her face and her back! Try them all!
HOW TO PLAY: first of all, choose a character and a spa mode – facial or massage treatment. Then tap to select a tool, and slide to apply it. Try every treatment in our Spa Salon!
Facial mode treatents:
- Get rid of nasty piples;
- Clean the skin on client's face;
- Apply a face ask, using a brush;
- Let the eyes relax – put special pads on them!
- Remove extra hairs!
Back mode treatments:
- Shower and soap washing;
- Massage with body lotion or oil;
- Hot stones SPA;
- Total relaxing!
Make sure, that all the clients get what they are looking for! Choose a treatent and do your best! Spa Salon is the best way to relax!