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Sweet Supermarket
Your Sweet Supermarket has opened and is waiting for its customers! And you are the one who will manage it! There are a lot of thing you can do in this cute bright shop: make sure you collect the right products from the shelves, make sure the supermarket is clean - sweep the floor and don't forget to sort the garbage - we are eco-friendly! And of course sell products to your customers!

HOW TO PLAY: You have a lot of games in one! Collect the right products from the shelves according to your shopping list. Make sure your supermarket is clean: sweep the floor and use vacuum cleaner when necessary! After that sort garbage by its type - take care of the nature! And of course don't forget to serve your customers - sell products to them.

Sweet Supermarket features:
- 4 mini-games in one game;
- 3 cute characters to choose from: girl, boy and alien;
- Take care of your shop and make your customers happy!

 Let your business prosper and your customers be happy!