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Swinging Ragdoll
Swinging Ragdoll – jump and fly your way through streets of the city. Prepare yourself for near impossible challenge!

Complete all levels of the game, overcome all obstacles and collect bonuses and gold coins to help your character to get to the finish. Just tap and hold your finger on the screen. 

If you want to become a super hero and protect your city, train hard from the beginning. Forget about stupid things, like let monsters eat your birthdays and blam...burgers, hungry shark hunting or pixel guns. Join super men team and become a real god among people, fight against injustice. Collect all bonuses, earn experience, special moves and powerful artifacts. Get ready to experience crazy extreme with ninjas, surfers, heroes of the war and, of course, with super heroes elite team. 

Swinging Ragdoll game features:
- Amazing story, you will feel the whole destiny of the character by yourself;
- Absorbing gameplay, you will want to play it with your friends;
- Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, see how far you can run;
- Train your survival skills and be the perfect vector runner;
- Fever for speed in this geometry world full of craft. 

Swinging Ragdoll – Time of superhero adventure has come!