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Teddy Bear Creator
Can you name at least one person who doesn't know Teddy!? This fluffy bear with big eyes and a wet nose has conquer millions of hearts! Aren't you an exception?

Teddy Bear Creator is an exciting game designed for all friends of our dear friend Teddy! Do you want to make a traditional toy yoursefl? Yes? Then, let your creativity flow.

HOW TO PLAY: at the beggining of the game you can choose the type of bear's fur. Then you have to cut the fabric for the head, legs and other body parts! Stuff and sew the body and the head! When you toy will be ready you can dress it up. Use different accessories in order to create new fashion looks!

Teddy Bear Creator Features:
- large variety of handmade toy ideas;
- possibility to use different materials;
- beautiful clothes for new fashion looks;
- colorful design for your entertainment!

Teddy Bear Creator is a great game that kids will actually love!