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Washing Baby Clothes
Emma likes Washing Baby Clothes! Can you help her today? First, you should sort the white and colored clothes! Then wash it, dry it and put in the wardrobe. It's a wonderful way to learn housework activities! 

HOW TO PLAY: Slide the screen to sort the clothes into 2 piles – white and colored items. Then put the dirty stuff in the machine and add the right washing liquid. Hang the wet clothes on the rope to dry. Then collect it and put everything on its places in the wardrobe. Well-done!

You can enjoy the mix of baby care mini games and learn more about doing laundry! Be attentive, while baby sitting with Emma!

Washing Baby Clothes features:
- Sorting the objects and learning colors;
- Logic test to make right combinations;
- Peg puzzles for kids to guess the shadows and place the clothes;
- Ordering clothes in the wardrobe;
- Learning how to do the chores.

The cute girl will do all the tasks with you! Together you can pass all the mini games of Washing Baby Clothes! When you finish, you can always tap the «Restart» button and play again!