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Wedding Fashion - Strategy Guide
Getting married is quite a challenge, and Isabella is willing to accomplish the tricky quest! But first she’s got to pass several tasks:
- Meet a guy;
- Go out with him;
- Have a couple of dates;
- Get engaged;
- Get married.

Don’t worry, Isabella will have an opportunity to prepare for every mission – she can go shopping for clothes and make-up products for every event. Than you will help her with the makeover! 

If she’s out of money, but desperately needs that designer shoes or a dress to conquer the guy, then you can buy some coins in the shop to refill her bank account! 

Tap the places on the map to choose an activity: go shopping for clothes and make-up, get home to get ready and then go out. Your goal is to complete 5 tasks in order to pass the quest! 
Every day you will earn some coins to spend in the shops. If it’s not enough, you can always exchange money for virtual coins and buy whatever Isabella needs to achieve the goals!

Wedding Fashion - Strategy Guide is worth playing for many reasons:
- You should help gorgeous Isabella to get married;
- There are 5 tasks to complete, from meeting a guy in the club, to the wedding;
- Every task requires a special outfit: clothes and make-up, that you can choose in the shop! There are Luxe, Brand and Sale collections to choose from;
- Play dress-up and make-up mini games to create a fabulous look for every event: a night out, walk in the park, romantic dates in the cinema or a café, and the big wedding day;
- Develop your own strategy and make your way to the alter!

Lets start the adventure! Meet a boy of your dreams in a club, start going out and let’s see what happens next! Wedding Fashion - Strategy Guide is your guidebook into the dating world!