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Wild Dollz For Girlz
Wild Dollz For Girlz is a great choice for every fan of unusual dress up games. Do you want to know why? Well, you will get to know quite a dangerous species living in depths of rainy forests.

At first sight, they seem to be just cute animals but their true form is gorgeous girls trained to survive even better than marines. Their distinct feature is the resemblance to an animal they can shapeshift to and that is why they must live in secret. Too many times they learned that people are cruel towards anyone who is different somehow.

But you have a chance to show that humanity has changed a lot since their last contact with civilization. As any girls, they like beautiful and comfortable clothes so use this fact to get into their confidence.

- dress girls using clothes of different colours and style
- choose a cheetah, panda, lynx, panther or panda
- save the result and show it to your friends