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X-mas Bakery - Make A Joy
Ho ho ho! Get ready for Christmas? It's high time to prepare for the holiday and try out some new recipes. What about baking seasonal cookies? 
X-mas Bakery - Make A Joy is a fun cooking simulation game where you have to make a scrumptious cookies! How to bake? It's piece of cake for you! Listen:
- First, roll out the dough.
- Choose a shape for your delicious cookie.
- Make several cookies with cutter.
- Place them onto the baking sheet. But don't put them too close to each other!
- Put the baking sheet into the oven and set the temperature.
- And voila - you have wonderful crispy Christmas cookies! Now you need to decorate them only!
But don't forget to watch the temperature or you'll get completely black pastry!
X-mas Bakery - Make A Joy features:
- Amazing colorful cooking simulator for kids and adults;
- Great choice of decoration - toppings, cream, fruit candies, sugar balls;
- There are also MINI-GAMES - play them, while cookies are being baked;
- This is your chance to exercise your culinary skills before trying for real!
Look, what beautiful cookies you've made with X-mas Bakery - Make A Joy! Maybe you should become a Pastry Masterchief? Seriously!