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Young Love - Find Soulmate
To find your true love is no easy task! And the main character of this text game needs your help. Change one thing and you'll change everything. Now, the decisions you make will lead you to different outcomes, just like in real life!
Your task is to find your soulmate, and to do that, you need to answer a number of questions and make right decisions. What's your boyfriend's name going to be? What to wear on the first date? Write your own love story – you have everything for that!
HOW TO PLAY: Read the beginning of the story. It's up to you what's going to happen next – just answer the questions and make your mind. Each one of your answers is important. Make different decisions each time to discover what other outcomes can be. 
Young Love - Find Soulmate features:
- Your own love story;
- Unique multiple choice game;
- Great number of possible outcomes. It's up to you!