Candy Mahjong
Do you like table games like for example mahjiong or even card games? Do you also like cooking games with tasty cookies and candies? You can think it’s impossible to combine these two addictive games’ genres, but today we’d like to show you our new Candy Mahjong puzzle!

Candy Mahjong will be love by all the people who love orient culture. Leave all the childish anime quizzes and games for the funs of Japanese culture and enjoy the great logical puzzle with an amazing Chinese atmosphere! You must clear the game’s area by tapping the equal pictures. Be sure, that at least one side of the card doesn’t touch the other card. Children will surely like cute pictures with panda or candies.

Candy Mahjong’s features:
- Great logic puzzles
- Cute design
- Addictive gameplay
- Totally free table game

Improve your logical and reaction skills with Candy Mahjong. Download and enjoy right now!

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