Pet Beard Salon
Are you ready for a BRAND NEW pet shop story with the cutest puppies and kittens ever? Little pets are too fluffy and furry in this pet rescue saga, so you took them to your beard and shaving salon to make them look well groomed!

HOW TO PLAY: Have fun grooming pets ― Take a puppy or a kitten to the beard salon. First, wash them, then use all of the tools for the grooming, pet dress up and make up: scissors, combs, hairdresser, razors, etc. You're free to choose a cute beard, too!

If you've already played pet hair games free and pet fashion games, you'll be amazed by the possibilities of Pet Beard Salon!

Pet Beard Salon features:
- cool pet hair salon with cute pets
- beard shaver game with lots of tools and beards to try
- pet salon and spa pet care for girls with bright graphics
- pet manicure, shaving and grooming options
- user-friendly pet caring game interface

A fan of grooming games and pet shop games? Take care of your pets with the Pet Beard Salon and take them to a pet fashion show!
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